An equine educational youth program about horses.

ORDER ONLINE or click here to print a mail-in order form.

Effective May 23, 2016, enrollment in the Educational Levels and Achievement Badge Program may be completed online by clicking on the Enroll button at the bottom of this page.

If you have questions, please call us at 630-844-3533.


The educational Levels are designed to be completed in order. You must start with Level I. When you complete each Level return your test pages and any accompanying materials for grading. You will receive a Certificate of Achievement for each Level that you complete. You may then order the next higher Level.


To preview the individual badge requirement sheets, click on Achievement Badges in the left frame. The ASIYP Achievement Badges may be ordered by individuals or by bonafide Youth Groups, 4-H or FFA Chapters or similar organizations which have an adult leader.


1. Click on the ENROLL button at the bottom of this page. You will be transferred to the ASIYP store.
2. Follow the link to sign in or register as a new user.
3. If you are registering for a club or group, enter as much information as applies and put your group name in the COMPANY field. Individuals should leave COMPANY blank.
4. Your information will be saved and you may simply log in for future visits.


1. This is a progressive program. You must begin with Level I and work your way up to Level III.
2. Click on the  image for the Level you want. You will see details of what study materials are included.
3. Click Add to Cart and continue through the Payment screen.
4. ASIYP will be notified of your order and will respond by email within a couple of days. The email will contain a link for you to follow to download your study materials and test questions. You may want to visit the BOOKS category to order additional study materials.
5. When you complete your test pages and return them to ASIYP, they will be graded and returned to you, along with your Certificate.


1. You may enroll in any of the Badge programs in any order you choose.
2. You may order more than one badge at a time.
3. Follow the same procedure as for ordering Educational Levels.
4. When you complete the requirements to earn your Badge, return your materials to ASIYP. They will be checked for accuracy and your Badge will be sent to you through the mail.


  1. After club leaders register their club or organization they should place their order through the LEADERS Category. 
  2. Add whatever items you want to your shopping cart.
  3. Click on Cart Contents at the top of the page and adjust quantities of each item you are ordering.
  4. Click on Checkout or Checkout with PayPal to complete your order.
  5. Your order will be processed and your materials will be sent to you by either U.S. Mail or UPS.
  6. If you order Educational Levels, the individual enrolles must return their test papers to ASIYP for grading. Their Certificate and graded test papers will be returned directly to them.
  7. If you order Badges, the Requirement sheets, Badges and a Badge Completion Form will be sent directy to you. You, as the club's leader, can determine when each club member has satisfactority completed the requirements and present them with their Badge.
  8. Completing Educational Levels and Badges can earn points with ASHA and certain other organizations. If your club members want to qualify for points, club leaders must send us the name, address and birthdate of the members and when they completed their requirements.