An equine educational youth program about horses.

Earn an ASIYP Letter

    The American Saddlebred International Youth Program includes the opportunity for youth involved with American Saddlebred horses to earn a letter, similar to a school activity letter, which may be sewn to a jacket.   The letter is in the shape of  an American Saddlebred head in red chenille on a royal blue felt backing with the letters "ASIYP" embroidered vertically on the neck. This letter may be earned by any youth 21 years of age and under. Click on the picture to see the requirements.

    There is no charge to the recipient and completion of the requirements will be recognized as proof that the recipient has put diligent, serious effort into learning about horses in general, the American Saddlebred in particular and in putting the knowledge they have gained into bettering their experiences with horses.

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