An equine educational youth program about horses.

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This program is suitable for any breed affiliation or riding style
and you don't have to own a horse to participate

The American Saddlebred International Youth Program (ASIYP) is a multilevel program open to any youth under 21 years of age. It makes no difference where you live, as the program is open to youth anywhere in the world. This website will provide you with an outline of what ASIYP has to offer. The educational material included with the various ASIYP Levels has been selected and designed to provide you with general information and interesting and important facts about horses of all breeds. You will learn about the origin and history of the horse and its importance to man throughout the years, its uses in the past as well as present, its health and proper care and much more. As you work your way into the upper levels of the program, you will learn about the American Saddlebred horse in particular.

If you have never been near a horse, the written materials will give you a head start for the day when you eventually do get to ride. If you already ride, the program will provide you with knowledge that will help you improve your horsemanship and horse management skills. As you satisfactorily complete the various Levels, you will earn certificates and be eligible for special seals. To get the most from your ASIYP experience you might wish to join your local American Saddlebred Charter club or an American Saddlebred Horse Association Youth Club in your area and enjoy completing the requirements with friends.

Canadian residents, please check with us for additional postage and remit in U.S. funds. Residents of other countries should check with us by mail or e-mail for the correct fee.

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